Birth Weight (BW) data

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The data were collected at the Baystate Medical Centre, Massachusetts, in 1986. Physicians have been interested in studying low weight at birth for several years, because underweight babies have high rates of infant mortality and infant anomalies. The behaviour of the mother-to-be during pregnancy (diet, smoking habits) can have an impact on the chances of having a full-term pregnancy, and thus of giving birth to a child of normal weight. The data include information on 189 women who came to the centre for consultation.

Variable Names

Variable Explanation (Unit)
age Age of the mother
lwt Weight of the mother at the last menstrual period (pounds)
race Race of the mother, 1=white, 2=black, 3=other
smoke smoking status of the mother, 1=smoker, 0=non-smoker
ptl Number of previous premature births
ht History of hypertension, 1=yes, 0=no
ui Uterine irritability, 1=yes, 0=no
fvt Number of medical consultations during the first trimester of pregnancy
bwt Weight at birth (g)


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