Chronic kidney disease (ckd) data

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A randomized study was conducted to compare Eplerenone(n= 23) with standard treatment (n= 22) in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (Boesby et al., 2013). The studied outcome included pulse wave velocity (pwv) and augmentation index (aix) measured at baseline and after 12 and 24 weeks of treatment.


Variable Explanation (Unit)
group Treatment group: 1 if eplerenone, 0 if control
sex Sex: 1 for male, 0 for female
age Age
pwv0 Pulse wave velocity at baseline (m/s)
pwv12 Pulse wave velocity at 12 weeks (m/s)
pwv24 Pulse wave velocity at 24 weeks (m/s)
aix0 Augmentation index at baseline (%)
aix12 Augmentation index at 12 weeks (%)
aix24 Augmentation index at 24 weeks (%)

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Boesby, L., Elung-Jensen, T., Strandgaard, S., & Kamper, A. L. (2013). Eplerenone attenuates pulse wave reflection in chronic kidney disease stage 3–4-A randomized controlled study. PLoS One, 8(5), e64549.

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