Framingham data

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The data come from the famous "Framingham Heart Study", a study initially planned as a 20 years cohort study of residents aged 30-59 in Framingham town, Massachusetts, in 1948. The present data contain observations on n=1,363 persons.

More information about the study can be found from e.g. wikipedia.

Variable Names

Variable Explanation (Unit)
sex sex (Female/Male)
AGE Age in years
FRW ``Framingham relative weight'' (pct.) at baseline (52-222)
SBP systolic blood pressure at baseline mmHg (90-300)
DBP diastolic blood pressure at baseline mmHg (50-160)
CHOL cholesterol at baseline mg/100ml (96-430)
CIG cigarettes per day at baseline (0-60)
disease 1 if coronary heart disease occured during the follow-up, 0 otherwise


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