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These are data from one of the first successful trials of adjuvant chemotherapy for colon cancer. Levamisole is a low-toxicity compound previously used to treat worm infestations in animals; 5-FU is a moderately toxic (as these things go) chemotherapy agent. Patients were randomized to observation only, to levamisole alone (50 mg orally three times/d for 3 days, repeated every 2 weeks for 1 year), or to this regimen of levamisole plus fluorouracil (450 mg/m2 body surface area intravenously daily for 5 days and then, beginning at 28 days, weekly for 48 weeks). The main outcome of interests were cancer recurrence and death. Several baseline covariates were also recorded. See e.g. Moertel et al. (1995) for details.


Variable Explanation (Unit)
id patient id
rx treatment group: Obs (Nothing, i.e.,"Observation" only), Lev(amisole), Lev(amisole)+5-FU
sex 1=male, 0=female
age age in years
obstruct obstruction of colon by tumor (1=yes,0=no)
perfor perforation of colon (1=yes,0=no)
adhere adherence to nearby organs (1=yes,0=no)
nodes number of lymph nodes with detectable cancer
differ differentiation of tumour (1=well, 2=moderate, 3=poor)
extent Extent of local spread (1=submucosa, 2=muscle, 3=serosa, 4=contiguous structures)
surg time from surgery to registration (0=short, 1=long)
node4 more than 4 positive lymph nodes (1=yes,0=no)
time days until recurrence, death or end of follow-up (whichever comes first)
status indicates what is observed at "time": 1=recurrence, 2= death (without recurrence) and 0=censored
timeD days until death (before or after recurrence) or end of follow-up (whichever comes first)
statusD indicates what is observed at "timeD": 1=death, 0=censored
timeR days until recurrence or end of follow-up (whichever comes first)
statusR indicates what is observed at "timeR": 1=recurrence, 0=censored (i.e. no recurrence observed within "timeR" days)

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Moertel et al. "Fluorouracil plus levamisole as effective adjuvant therapy after resection of stage III colon carcinoma: a final report." Annals of internal medicine 122.5 (1995): 321-326.


The data are a reformatted version of the 'colon' data from the R package survival.

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